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Music: Simplify the Chaos by Ionics

Tell me your experience with fidget spinners in the comments!

Also tell me what type of animations you’d like to see next?
A funny animation? Story time animation? Random topic animation (like Jaiden Animations)? Animations about my life (like theodd1sout)?

I’m trying to be part of the animations squad you all know and love:
theodd1sout, jaiden animations, domics, itsalexclark, somethingelseyt, let me explain studios, swoozie, gingerpale, drawwithjazza, tonyvtoons, the sea rabbit, eroldstory, timtom, etc.

If you have any tips/suggestions on how I can make my animations better, please let me know in the comments.

Animations and comics are my dream and I really want this channel to grow.

I know you hear this a lot, but sharing this video does me a favor so large that I would not be able to thank you enough.

Please share this animation video with your friends so one day I can be mentioned when the animation squad comes up in conversation.

Thank you so much if you read this far.

If you did, tell me your favorite design/color on a fidget spinner you have to let me know!

Love you guys,